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18 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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When Certiphi Background Check Errors Keep You From a Healthcare Job, We Help You Recover! Call For A Free Consultation!

Losing out on a job in the healthcare industry because Certiphi reported wrongful information about you is deeply upsetting. If inaccurate, misleading, or false information in your Certiphi background check report derailed your healthcare career plans, we can help. Learn your rights, what to do next, and whether you're entitled to compensation.

If you’re in the healthcare profession or looking to get into the healthcare profession through healthcare-related educational opportunities, then you may have had to submit to a Certiphi background check. While the candidate screening process can be nerve-wracking for most people, it can be full-on traumatic for those who get caught up in a web of Certiphi screening background check errors.

If your career plans were derailed or put on hold due to inaccurate, misleading, or false information in a Certiphi background check, then you likely have more questions than answers when it comes to understanding what this company is, what its screenings look for, why they go wrong, what to do if that happens, what the financial, professional, and emotional implications of background check errors are, what your rights are, whether you’re entitled to compensation, and what steps to take to get yourself back to good. Thankfully, we’ve got the answers.

At Consumer Attorneys, our team of experienced and knowledgeable background check lawyers can listen to your situation, review the facts, and provide legal guidance about what steps to take next. Our consultations are always free. For now, keep reading to be fully informed and make the best decisions to protect yourself going forward.

About Certiphi Company

What is Certiphi? Like many companies in the consumer data industry, Certiphi is a company that sells background check reports, along with other products and services, meant to streamline the candidate screening process. Certiphi specializes in providing these services to the healthcare community, screening job candidates and student applicants for graduate and other programs.

So, for those confused about “What is Certiphi screening,” it is simply another way of talking about the services provided by the company. Alternative names include things like Certiphi background check reviews, Certiphi screening criminal background check reviews, Certiphi employment verification, and other similar variations. Just know that no matter how you refer to it, the process, protocols, and parameters are all sourced from the same company. In fact, if you refer to “My Certiphi background check,” it’s safe to say that it is, in fact, yours…tailored to the needs of your prospective employer or program.

How Does Certiphi Conduct Background Checks?

A Certiphi background check is conducted by getting authorization and gathering personal identifying information from a candidate and then using a combination of human review and tech-based searches to gather, sift, and report information.

If your prospective employer or school uses Certiphi, they will let you know. You will then receive an email from Ceriphi with a link to your profile/account, through which you will input all required information and follow the steps to complete any additional components of the screening, for instance, a drug screening, if applicable.

How Long Does a Background Check from Certiphi Take?

It is extremely common for anyone subjected to a screening of this nature to wonder, “How long does a Certiphi background check take?” The answer to this question is candidate-dependent. On average, the company states that it takes two to three days to get Certiphi background check results.

However, a Ceriphi screening can take longer if a candidate is international, has an extensive employment or education history, or has a very common name or other identifying factors. The latter can slow the process because it requires heightened review to ensure accuracy. With the right combination of factors slowing the process, it may feel like your Certiphi background check is taking forever.

Status of Certiphi Background Check

Knowing how to check the status of your Certiphi background check is easy. Certiphi uses a platform that allows for what it calls “real-time transparency” during the background check process. This system enables you to log-in to your account/profile and identify not only the status of the overall report but also see what’s happening with individual categories of information in the return.

Certiphi notes that a few of the identified status designations include things like “In Process,” “On Hold,” “Problem,” and “Complete.” Being able to stay connected to the status of your screening will help keep you from constantly wondering how long your Certiphi background check will take.

What Information Does Certiphi Provide in A Background Check?

After wondering how long it takes to complete a search, the other most frequently asked question is, “What shows up on a Certiphi background check?” Certiphi searches and returns data across a broad selection of categories, depending on the candidate, client, and needs of the position.

Among the categories of information that can be included are:

  • Certiphi Criminal Background Check, including federal, state, and county criminal records searches
  • Certiphi civil records search of federal, state, and county records
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Credit Report
  • National registries, such as sex offender, child abuse, elder abuse, nurse aide abuse, OFAC registries
  • Certiphi background check employment verification
  • Educational history verifications
  • Profession license and designation verifications
  • Professional sanctions screenings, including DEA concerns
  • References
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Media search
  • Certiphi drug screening

Certiphi also offers or coordinates drug screening, fingerprint screening, and other services.

Certiphi Criminal Background Check

How far back does Certiphi check for criminal history? Criminal history, along with certain other categories of reportable information, is regulated at the state level. Typically, a background check uses a seven to ten-year look-back period. However, this may vary by state.

Because of these state differences in things like look-back periods for criminal history or for certain categories of criminal information, it is possible for certain items on your background check report to be factually correct but count as a reporting error. In other words, if certain criminal data should not have been included in your report under state law, then it is a reporting error, and you may be entitled to file a lawsuit. This is why it’s very important to contact consumer protection attorneys if you lose out on a job or educational opportunity due to information in your Cerfiphi background check.

Certiphi Background Check for Employment

For those wondering, “How does Certiphi verify employment,” the answer is that there are different screenings for different purposes.

Certiphi performs the E-Verify Search established by the federal government that relies on information in a database to confirm a candidate’s eligibility for employment in the US.

For verification of specific employment, educational, and professional listings, Certiphi states that it contacts entities directly to confirm the information.

What Are Your Consumer Rights Regarding A Background Check?

When it comes to a Certiphi background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you legal rights. In addition, state laws may complement these rights.

  1. Consent. You must provide consent and authorization for any type of background check run on you.
  2. Accuracy. The legal standard says that Certiphi must report accurate information. This includes information that is reported in a way that is generally misleading, or reporting information that is factually accurate but should not have been reported due to state law restrictions (such as time limits).
  3. Review. You have the right to review a copy of your Certiphi screening background check report.
  4. Informed Rejection. If any information in your Certiphi, Inc. screening is relied upon to deny you an employment or school opportunity, you have the right to know which specific information it is.
  5. Dispute. If there are errors in your Certiphi background check report, you have the right to dispute it, seek error correction, and possibly file a lawsuit. See below for more details.
  6. File a lawsuit. Under the FCRA, if there are errors in your Certiphi background check report, you may be able to file a lawsuit. In some instances, you will need to dispute the errors prior to filing, and in other instances, the mere reporting of the errors is all that is required for you to file a lawsuit. In addition, state law may play a role in determining what information counts as an “error” in the first place.

Which Companies Use Certiphi Background Checks?

While Certiphi doesn’t provide a list of companies, other online sites indicate that Certify is used by companies such as Medtronic, ManPower, Pratt & Whitney, Lab Corp, Maxim Healthcare, and a number of university and educational programs.

What do Companies Use Certiphi Background Checks For?

Healthcare companies, whether public, private, or educational institutions, use Certiphi to screen candidates for employment or educational programs. Certiphi provides comprehensive candidate screening, including credit reports, criminal history, employment verification, drug screening, professional licensing, etc.

Can Errors Occur in Background Checks from Certiphi?

Yes, errors can occur in Certiphi background check reports. In fact, if you Google Certiphi background check reviews, you will certainly come across complaints regarding errors experienced by prior candidates.

While Certiphi states that it prides itself on its accuracy, and most reports are accurate, even a relatively small percentage of reports with errors still adds up to a tremendous impact on thousands of consumers every year.

What Causes Errors in Background Checks?

Errors in Certiphi background check reports result from a variety of sources. The main causes are:

  • Input Errors. When information is input into a database, mistakes can be made with things like dates, names, social security numbers, etc.
  • Mixed or Co-Mingled Files. When information from different people is co-mingled into a single report, all kinds of errors get reported. This happens most often when a candidate has a very common name or at one point, held joint accounts with someone else.
  • Identity Theft. Identity theft causes all kinds of reporting errors.
  • Failure to Update. This error typically impacts criminal records. For instance, when certain convictions are expunged (erased) after a period of time, court records are updated to reflect the changes, but if Certiphi’s system doesn’t update to capture the changes, then errors occur.

Main types of Errors

The main types of errors that you’ll encounter are:

  • Transposition of digits in a Social Security Number
  • Wrong or incomplete information in original documents
  • Incorrect criminal records
  • Outdated information
  • Mistaken identity resulting in unaffiliated criminal records being associated with the wrong person
  • Information from Identity theft and fraud scenarios that are reported as accurate.
  • Information from someone else in your report

How Often Do Errors Occur in Background Checks from Certiphi?

There aren’t statistics available specifically dealing with Certiphi, but in general, research estimates that one-third of consumers experience a data reporting error with data during their lifetime.

What Are The Consequences of Having Errors in Your Background Check Report?

The consequences of having errors in your Certiphi background check report can vary depending on the error, but it is never good to have data errors show up in any of your consumer reports. While minor errors may have no net impact on your immediate circumstances, they have a tendency to snowball into larger problems the longer they’re around. Major errors, like misreporting fully inaccurate criminal data in your name, can cause all kinds of very serious problems. In addition, these errors can have a devastating emotional toll.

You Can Contact Ceriphi if You Need to Correct an Error in the Background Report

Certiphi enables you to dispute information via an online dispute platform, fax, or mail. We recommend (1) talking to a consumer protection attorney prior to filing a dispute to determine if you need to dispute the error and (2) disputing errors using certified mail. Use of online dispute platforms may require you to waive your right to sue.

What To Do If You Do Not Receive Answers to Your Questions On The Background Report

Under the FCRA, Certiphi has to respond to your dispute within thirty days. So, if you’ve spoken with a lawyer at Consumer Attorneys who advised you to file a dispute but haven’t heard back from Certiphi by the end of thirty days, a lawsuit may be necessary for error corrections and compensation.

You Can Sue Certiphi if Your Report Contains Errors

Among the rights that the FCRA gives you is the right to pursue litigation against Certiphi for background check errors. Certain errors require that you prove real-life harm as a result prior to filing a lawsuit, and other errors simply require that the erroneous report is made.

Who Can You Contact to Solve the Problem With An Error in the Background Report from Certiphi?

You can contact Certiphi to dispute errors, but we recommend contacting a consumer protection lawyer, like those at Consumer Attorneys, first. Our experience and knowledge can be your best ally in navigating this complex legal landscape to get your life back to good.

Assistance in Disputing Certiphi Background Report

As a nationwide law firm, Consumer Attorneys has lawyers from coast to coast who can help you. Since we do this kind of work every day, our lawyers have seen, heard, and handled it all regarding the repercussions of reporting errors in people’s lives.

Lawsuits Against Certiphi

Consumer Attorneys has helped clients fight back against unjust Certiphi background checks and reporting errors for years. Not only do we listen, review, and advise, but we also help make our clients whole again, doing what we can to pursue the type of legal solutions that contemplate financial, professional, and emotional harm.

False Death Designation

After graduating from pharmacy school, our client secured an impressive offer for a position with a high-profile retail chain. However, this offer was rescinded after a Certiphi background check report indicated that our client was deceased. It should have been immediately obvious that the death designation was wholly inconsistent with the remainder of the entire report. In addition, our client learned that resolving these situations is easier in theory than in practice. After several failed attempts by Certiphi to adequately correct its mistake, our client came to us for help. We sued Certiphi on her behalf and successfully secured a large settlement!


If you have gone through the Certiphi background check process only to discover that wrongful information was reported about you, get in touch with us today.

We believe in what we do, and that ultimately benefits you. Best of all, under the FCRA, Certiphi pays the costs and fees of your legal representation when we win!

Contact us today for a free consultation. Call (+1 877-615-1725), email ([email protected]), fill out the online intake form, or use our virtual chat option.


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