Justifacts Background Check Errors. We Can Help!

  • Justifacts Background Check Errors. We Can Help!
04 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Companies rely on Justifacts for accurate information on job applicants. Here’s how to make it right when Justifacts does not.

When a company wants to make sure the person they might hire is reliable and truthful, they pay Justifacts to do a background check. When there’s an error in the Justifacts report, the potential employee loses an opportunity and much more. Here’s how we help make it right.

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Were You Bypassed for a Job?

Need help with the effects of a background check error caused by Justifacts? Contact Consumer Attorneys.

Welcome to Consumer Attorneys! Here, hard-working Americans can seek justice if they believe a job position or promotion was delayed or denied due to false information on a background check report – enter Justifacts.

Justifacts offers background screening services nationally and internationally. Once a prospective employer provides Justifacts with a job candidate's name, social security number, and birthdate, Justifacts goes to work generating a detailed report concerning any personal information, which could information from the sex-offender registry, Global Watchlist, driving records, credit checks, employment history, and more.

So, why does Consumer Attorneys matter to you? To begin with, our mission is to protect consumers, such as yourself, from background check reports containing false or misleading information that prevents qualified applicants from being hired or promoted.

Unfortunately, there are companies, such as Justifacts, whose screening and background reports have contained erroneous and damaging information. As a result, lawsuits have been filed against Justifacts and other background check agencies for damages.

If you need contact information for Justifacts:

  • ADDRESS: 5250 Logan Ferry Road/Murrysville, PA, 15668
  • PHONE: 800.356.6885
  • WEBSITE: www.justifacts.com

Justifacts Background Check

Justifacts specializes in background check services. A Justifacts background check is supposed to provide potential employers with detailed and accurate information about an individual that employer is considering hiring.

While Justifacts is a legitimate background check provider, like any company in the business of collecting and reporting others’ data, it’s not immune from the occasional inaccuracies, errors, and other issues in its reports. Sometimes the inaccuracies come from misspellings in someone’s name, incorrect identifications, or confusion in someone’s identity. Other times, the information they get from its data sources can be wrong. But Justifacts, just like any other background check report provider, has a duty to make sure its reports are accurate. When a Justifacts background check reports are inaccurate, the job applicant suffers severe consequences.

If that happens to you, you should contact a consumer protection lawyer, like the consumer protection lawyers at Consumer Attorneys.

What Does Justifacts Check

While the level and scope of its background checks vary depending on the job, here is what a comprehensive Justifacts background check report contains:

  • Criminal history. Justifacts searches and acquires information from local, county, state, and national criminal databases. They do this to determine if a job applicant has ever engaged in any criminal activity and typically has a 7-year look back period. A Justifacts criminal background check also includes checking the sex offender registry. This is important for verifying an applicant’s trustworthiness, especially when working with money or with vulnerable populations, but even a small inaccuracy or error in this section of the report can have devastating consequences.
  • Education and employment verification. To make sure everything an applicant puts on their resume is accurate, Justifacts conducts checks to confirm that educational and employment history is accurate.
  • Credit checks. Justifacts offers credit history checks to help employers assess a job applicant’s responsibility when it comes to finances. This is important when it comes to jobs where employees will have access to financial information or be required to do monetary transactions. This is not a hard inquiry and no passing score. But a mistake in this search can be devastating.
  • Drug testing. Justifacts also does drug screening to help employers keep a safe and drug free work environment. However Justifacts acquires your sample, a false positive drug screen can ruin someone’s career.
  • Motor vehicle records. For jobs where driving is one of the job requirements, Justifacts conducts motor vehicle record checks.

Many businesses rely on Justifacts for clear and accurate background check reports. So when those reports contain mistakes, the person whose background they were checking can suffer. If you didn’t pass Justifacts background check, you should contact our team of background check lawyers right away.

Do You Wish to Sue Justifacts? We Can Help!

If you have been denied a job due to a Justifacts background check and If your Justifacts background check had errors that negatively affected your employment opportunities, Consumer Attorneys can help you recover financial compensation. You have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the “FCRA”)!

The FCRA has strict standards for employers and background check companies on how they gain consent for background checks, how they conduct background checks, and what they are permitted to do with the information they uncover.

Did you know you have background check disclosure and consent rights? Have your rights have been violated? Do you qualify for a lawsuit? Be aware of the following:

  • An employer does not have the legal right to obtain a background check without your written consent.
  • An employer must inform you if he or she will use background check information against you.
  • An employer must give a job candidate the name and contact information for Justifacts or another background check agency if it was used to secure background check details.
  • Justifacts is not allowed to provide background check information to an employer until the employer certifies that he or she has disclosed to the job candidate that a background check would be initiated.
  • The FCRA sets parameters regarding the negative information a background check report can contain. This type of report cannot include records regarding civil suits, judgments, arrests, paid tax liens, collections, and other negative information after seven years or bankruptcies after 10 years. Criminal convictions, however, can be included.

If you suspect errors on your background check report hurt your chances of securing a job position or promotion, you can dispute the report, and Justifacts must investigate and remedy any errors within 30 days.

False or misleading information regarding one's credit can include debts you did not incur. Duplicate information can include accounts that are listed more than once on your credit report. Old and negative information can include outdated information regarding a bankruptcy, judgment, or lien.

If It's Time for Justice, It's Time for Maximized Compensation!

You have the right to file a dispute with Justifacts if it provided false or inaccurate information on your background check report. Unfortunately, your hopes of securing that job or promotion have already passed. If you feel your employment opportunity was harmed due to a damaging background check report, you may be able to sue in federal court and receive not only actual damages but punitive damages, plus attorney's fees and costs.

Justifacts has been sued multiple times in federal court. If they violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you suffered because of it, Consumer Attorneys is ready to ensure you have the benefit of being represented by a powerhouse legal team.

Consumer Attorneys serves clients nationwide who are represented in state and federal courts. We'll connect you with one of our seasoned background check lawyers who will assess your situation as part of a free case review. You can, also, take advantage of a free credit report analysis. We will advise you of your next step forward.

No Upfront Expenses – No Worries!

Many claimants feel they can't afford a lawyer to represent them. We have good news: if your case is accepted against Justifacts, you pay no out-of-pocket fees! Our consumer lawyers receive a fee only if they win on your behalf! You have nothing to lose! If we don't win, you don't pay. Be assured, however, that winning your case would be the priority!

Suing Justifacts – Give Us a Call!

If Justifacts' errors on your background check report damaged your job prospect or if your errors were not rectified after a proper dispute with them, contact Consumer Attorneys immediately! You can connect with our legal team in various ways:

  • Call +1 877-615-1725 for immediate assistance and a free case review.
  • Fill out our brief Contact Us form or initiate a LIVE CHAT – share your concerns.

Reach out to us at info@consumerattorneys.com with any questions at any time.


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