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18 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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CredentialCheck background checks are a regular part of the pre-employment process. But sometimes, they’re not accurate.

CredentialCheck scours databases to find your criminal history. They verify your previous employment and your educational credentials. But who verifies CredentialCheck? There are inaccuracies and errors in CredentialCheck background reports too often, and the effects on the job candidate are life-altering. Here’s what you need to know.

Candidate background checks have become just as regular and expected a part of the pre-employment process as the resume and the job interview. Technology and the digitization of public records databases means an employer can verify a job candidate’s credentials before they make that candidate a job offer. Employers like this because background checks provide an extra layer of insurance to ensure the people a company hires do not pose any safety risk to its existing employees, any threats to the company's reputation, any threats to the company's clients, or any threats to the company's assets. In a competitive job market, employers can be choosey.

CredentialCheck is a leading background check company. Depending on the credential background check that an employer requests and pays for, a CredentialCheck background check can contain a potential employee’s criminal history, financial history, verification of prior employment, education verification, and confirmation of professional licenses. Again, this is great for employers. But, false information on background checks can have devastating, life-altering effects on a job candidate’s candidacy, reputation, income, and mental health.

This article provides a thorough guide to CredentialCheck, including what to do if you find or have lost employment opportunities due to an error or inaccuracy in a CredentialCheck background check.

About Credential Company

CredentialCheck was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. CredentialCheck specializes in background checks and drug screening services for employers nationwide. They offer detailed credential background checks for various specialized industries, including the financial, food, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. They offer various credential history background check services for employers, including criminal background checks, employment verifications, education verifications, and more specific inquiries and verifications. An employer pays for a CredentialCheck background check to make an informed decision about who to hire, making the accuracy of what shows up in a credential background check all the more crucial.

How Does Credential Conduct Background Checks?

CredentialCheck electronically scours thousands of public records and other databases, retrieves relevant information on a job candidate, and compiles a report on that candidate based on the information it gleaned from the databases. CredentialCheck will contact former employers and educational institutions individually for information it can’t locate in databases.

How Long Does a Background Check from Credential Take?

The time it takes for a credential background check varies. The simplest background check can take just a few days. However, one where CredentialCheck needs to verify multiple employers and check multiple jurisdictions for criminal history will take longer. The question is not how long does CredentialCheck take but rather how long it takes for other entities to reply to CredentialCheck. If CredentialCheck needs to confirm international candidates with international work histories and multiple educational institutions, the process can take more than a week.

What Information Does Credential Provide in Their Background Checks?

A credential background check report covers various areas, including criminal records, employment and educational records, professional licenses, and others. See below for more details.

Credential Criminal Background Check

This check searches for and collects a job candidate’s criminal history. Because CredentialCheck is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), background check companies can only reveal certain crimes for seven years. However, some severe felonies can remain on your credential background check for far longer.

Credential Background Check for Employment

In reports like these, the focus is verifying the job candidate’s employment history, educational background, and any professional licenses they may hold.

People often need an attorney to help with credit report errors and complaints. Contact an attorney with any credential check complaints or if you failed CredentialCheck’s background check due to an error or inaccuracy.

What Are the Consumers' Rights When Verifying Their Background Check?

The FCRA gives consumers rights regarding background checks and imposes specific responsibilities and restrictions on companies like CredentialCheck. These rights include the right to be informed of the check, the right to give consent for the employer to run the check, and the right to dispute inaccuracies in the report.

Which Companies Use Credential for Background Checks?

Any company with employees can use CredentialCheck for background checks. Their client list includes many companies - huge corporations and small businesses - who want to run background checks on potential employees.

What Do Companies Use Credential Background Checks For?

Companies use CredentialCheck background checks to minimize the risks when offering a job to someone. The risk could be related to their criminal background, their finances, their lack of experience, or anything else the employer company deems significant. Employers want to maintain the integrity, safety, and reliability of their company.

Can Errors Occur in Background Checks from Credential?

Yes. The FCRA requires companies like CredentialCheck to use reasonable care to prepare and provide accurate background check reports. However, despite available technology, CredentialCheck background checks contain errors with too great a frequency.

What Causes Errors in Background Checks?

Various things can cause errors in background checks. These include similarly spelled names, misspelled names, outdated information, incorrect data entry, clerical errors, or reliance on outdated databases. No matter what caused the error and no matter how big or small the error, the error will cause big problems for the job candidate.

Main Types of Errors

The most common errors include mistaken criminal records, mistaken identity, and inaccurate employment verifications or education history.

How Often Do Errors Occur in Background Checks from Credential?

While no specific data is available regarding CredentialCheck, data indicates that up to 1 in 3 people experience some sort of error in their consumer reports, including background checks. As consumer law attorneys, we talk to people who have lost opportunities due to CredentialCheck errors frequently. Additionally, even one error is too many, as just one error can ruin someone's career and reputation.

What Are the Consequences of Having Errors in Your Background Check Report?

Any error in your background check can lead to the employer rescinding a job offer when that employer gets a report that falsely says you have been convicted of a crime, did not attend a school you claim you have attended, or some other inaccuracy. The cost of a lost opportunity is difficult to calculate. 

You Can Contact Credential if You Need to Correct an Error in the Background Report

An employer must provide you with a copy of the report when CredentialCheck creates it, and if the employer makes an adverse hiring decision based on something in your CredentialCheck background check report, they must tell you which data they relied on in making that decision. Additionally, you can get one free copy of your CredentialCheck report every year. You should review it regularly - especially if you anticipate looking for a new job.

If you spot a mistake in your CredentialCheck report, you should contact them right away and file a dispute. If you have lost a job based on a CredentialCheck report, you can raise a dispute against any discrepancies. CredentialCheck has 30 days to resolve any issues, according to the FCRA. If CredentialCheck does not fix the issues, the attorneys at Consumer Attorneys can help you assert your claim and sue the company for the damages and distress they caused. See below for important details about filing a dispute.

CredentialCheck Contact Information

  • Address: 100 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 140
  • City: Troy
  • State: Michigan
  • Zip Code: 48084-5206
  • Phone: 888-689-2000
  • Website:

Credential Background Check Dispute

Disputing background check errors is a right.

  • Write a dispute letter to CredentialCheck identifying yourself, the errors, and how you want CredentialCheck to fix them.
  • Include evidence (old credit statements, identification information, account closing statements, etc.) to prove the error.
  • Mail the dispute letter via certified U.S. mail to 100 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 140, Troy, Michigan 48084-5206. Disputing a CredentialCheck error via the mail is slower than doing so online, but it preserves your right to sue CredentialCheck in the future. 

CredentialCheck must investigate the dispute and provide you with a response within 30 days. If it doesn’t, contact Consumer Attorneys. 

Assistance in Disputing Credential Background Report

If you find any errors in your CredentialCheck background report, contact Consumer Attorneys. We will assess the dispute, assess your CredentialCheck report, and offer legal advice based on CredentialCheck’s actions and the FCRA.

What to Do if You Do Not Receive Answers to Your Questions on the Background Report

If you receive no answers from CredentialCheck or if CredentialCheck’s answers are unsatisfactory, contact ConsumerAttorneys. Every case is different. We will assess your case and the damages and develop a legal strategy.

You Can Sue Credential if Your Report Contains Errors

How much is the loss of a job worth? Sometimes, we must go to court and let the jury decide. Suppose CredentialCheck fails to correct errors or violates your rights during the background check process and you suffer damages. In that case, legal action may be the best option to hold CredentialCheck accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.

Who Can You Contact to Solve the Problem With an Error in the Background Report from Credential?

Contact Consumer Attorneys. The attorneys at Consumer Attorneys have decades of experience representing people who consumer reporting agencies and background check companies have wronged. Our entire practice is devoted to holding the companies and the people responsible for violating people’s rights accountable for their actions.

Lawsuits Against Credential - Some of Our Cases

We know how to sue background check companies and get compensation for our clients. We’ve sued CredentialCheck before and gotten good results for clients, such as Andy N, who applied for and was denied a job in California when his CredentialCheck background check report erroneously reported that he had an attempted murder conviction on his criminal record. We sued CredentialCheck and settled for an amount Andy N. found favorable.

Contact Us

Contact us if you find errors in your CredentialCheck background check report. Our firm protects consumers' rights and ensures companies like CredentialCheck follow the law and treat people fairly.

Contact us by:

We have represented thousands of consumers at odds with consumer reporting agencies, background check companies, and many others. Our goal is to hold these companies accountable when they make mistakes that hurt you, to get consumers the compensation they deserve, and to ensure things are as fair as possible.


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