Was Your Business Information Group Background Check Wrong?

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4 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Consumer and attorney disputing errors in BIG report

BIG Background Check Errors Got You Down? Fight Back and Win with Consumer Attorneys!

Landing your dream job often involves passing a BIG background check. This intricate process delves into your criminal history, driving record, and more. Uncover the secrets of BIG background checks, from common hurdles to dispute strategies, and empower yourself to navigate this crucial step confidently.

Quick Answers

Whether traversing through the competitive landscape of a finance career or exploring opportunities with a large firm, understanding Business Information Group (BIG) background checks is crucial. The BIG background check process can be intricate, and individuals often encounter challenges, especially with elements like BIG information group fingerprint checks.

In your pursuit of professional growth, it's helpful to understand how BIG background checks function. From the specifics of a BIG builder group company information screening to the broader scope of a Business Information Group (BIG) investigation, being well-informed empowers you to navigate these processes more effectively.

Knowledge is your ally when facing a BIG information group background check. In the following sections, we'll take a deeper look into the nuances of these checks, shedding light on the criteria BIG employs and potential hurdles you might encounter, like background check errors. Whether understanding the role of BIG information group fingerprint analysis or demystifying the elements of Business Information Group (BIG) assessments, consumer protection lawyers are here to guide you through the complexities.

We aim to provide insights that can make a difference in approaching challenges associated with a Business Information Group background check.

About Business Information Group (BIG)

BIG provides pre-employment and compliance screening for the financial services community. It gathers information from public records, databases, and third-party sources to create comprehensive background reports. While their role in ensuring safety and compliance is crucial, it's essential to understand how their processes might impact you. For instance, the Business information group may run background checks for employment with PWC. If you're hoping to hold a position with PWC or any other "Big Four" accounting firms, you should understand what you may face. 

Business Information Group (BIG) Background Check: What It Is?

BIG has been around for over thirty years and offers a suite of BIG background screening solutions exclusively for companies in financial services. Financial service employers may contact BIG for various screenings, including background checks, BIG Business Information Group fingerprinting, international screenings, and more!

Does Business Information Group do background checks?

Yes, BIG conducts various background checks, including:

  1. Criminal background checks
  2. Motor vehicle records
  3. Employment verification
  4. Education verification
  5. Drug testing

Whose background does Business Information Group Check?

BIG conducts background checks on individuals applying for positions with companies using their services, including delivery drivers, warehouse workers, security personnel, and more.

Who Does Business Information Group (BIG) Use for Background Checks?

BIG is a consumer reporting agency (CRA), similar to other CRAs you may be more familiar with, such as TransUnion. CRAs acquire information about consumers from data furnishers. Data furnishers are entities you encounter every day, like credit card companies, banks, mortgage lenders, and service providers.

Is It Safe for Me?

BIG, sometimes called “Bigreport background check,” is safe. You can rest in knowing that the (FCRA) protects the accuracy and fairness of consumer reports, including background checks. Therefore, BIG must follow specific procedures to ensure the information it gathers is accurate and used appropriately. However, background check errors and inconsistencies can still occur, highlighting the importance of understanding your rights. If you need an FCRA lawyer, the lawyers at Consumer Attorneys are ready to assist you!

When Does Business Information Group Do Background Checks?

BIG typically conducts background checks during the pre-employment screening process. You may also have to submit to a Business Information Group PWC internship background check if you desire an internship with a well-known company like PWC. The circumstances surrounding when BIG conducts checks depend on your prospective employer.

Companies using BIG's services may set their timing for initiating the check so that the timeframe can vary. It's always good to research and check out Business Information Group background check reviews online before agreeing to a check.

Can You Drive for Business Information Group Without a Background Check?

No, driving for companies, especially those in financial services, requires that you pass a BIG background check, including a motor vehicle and criminal history checks. These checks are essential for ensuring safety and compliance.

What Does Business Information Group (BIG) Look for in a Background Check?

Business Information Group offers various customizable screening services. 

Here are some of the screening services offered by BIG:

  • Social Security number validation
  • Credit reports
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Reference interviews
  • Professional license verification
  • Motor vehicle records search
  • County, state, national, and federal criminal searches

Driving History

A Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) search involves reviewing your driving history. This search provides details about the status of your license, including if you have any traffic violations, accidents, license restrictions, or convictions related to driving offenses. Employers use MVR searches to assess the driving records of employees who operate company vehicles or perform tasks that involve driving. So, if you desire a driving position, BIG will run an MVR check for your prospective employer, who will then use the results to make a hiring decision. 

Business Information Group (BIG) Criminal Background Check

At your employer's request, BIG will conduct a criminal background check. BIG's criminal records checks will check local, state, national, and federal criminal records and may go back seven to ten years. This check will look for any convictions for misdemeanor and felony crimes and will review critical registries, such as the National Sex Offender Registry.

How Far Back Do Business Information Group Background Checks Go?

The timeframe for BIG background checks varies depending on the type of check and the requirements of the company requesting it. Generally, criminal history checks may go back seven years, while driving records may cover the past three years.

How Does Business Information Group Interpret What It Finds in Background Checks?

BIG does not interpret its findings from a decision-making perspective. The interpretation of background check results is the employer's responsibility. BIG supplies information from the background check, and the company requesting the report has to decide how to interpret it. Thus, BIG is not a part of that process. 

Business Information Group Background Check: How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes for BIG to run your background check will vary depending on what your prospective employer needs to know about your background, the position you've applied for, and the information in your report. The more complicated the report, the longer the bigreport background check time will be. 

How Long Business Information Group (BIG) Background Checks Usually Take?

BIG background checks typically take 3-5 business days to complete. This timeframe can vary depending on the check's complexity and the records' availability.

Why Is Business Information Group Background Check Taking So Long?

Several factors can contribute to a delayed background check:

  1. Incomplete information. If there is missing or inaccurate information on your application, it can slow down the verification process. 
  2. Third-party delays. BIG often relies on third-party sources for information, such as courthouses and motor vehicle departments. 
  3. Complex cases. If it's taking an extremely long time, you may wonder how long you must wait for a BIG Report background check. It may take longer to complete if your background check is more complex, such as if you have lived in multiple states or have a criminal record. BIG will need to do more research to verify all of the information. 

If you are concerned about the delay in your background check, you can contact BIG directly to inquire about your Business Information Group background check status. BIG should be able to give you an estimate of when your background check will be completed.

Different Statuses of Business Information Group Background Checks:

BIG assigns various statuses to your background check throughout the process. 

What Each BIG Status Means:

Background check companies often use different internal codes and statuses to track the progress of background checks. 

Here are some general statuses that exist for your BIG background check:

  • In Process. This status means BIG has received all your required information and is researching your background.
  • On Hold. This status means your background check request is initiated, and BIG is waiting to receive all your forms.
  • Problem. This status likely indicates that there needs to be more complete information.
  • Complete. A complete status means all research is complete, and BIG delivers your case. 

Be sure to contact BIG for specific details. For the most accurate information about your background check status, please get in touch with BIG directly. You can reach them through their website, phone number, or email address.

How to Check the Status of Your Business Information Group (BIG) Background Check:

You can check your BIG background check status online using the tracking link provided during the application process. Alternatively, you can contact BIG directly for updates.

Business Information Group Says My Background Check Needs Attention:

If BIG informs you that your background check needs attention, it may require additional information or clarification. Respond right away and provide the requested documentation to expedite the process.

Business Information Group Background Check Suspended. What It Means:

A suspended background check could signify that BIG encountered an obstacle preventing them from completing the verification process. Contact BIG immediately to understand the reason and provide any necessary assistance.

Business Information Group Background (BIG) Check Problems:

Unfortunately, background check errors and inconsistencies can occur during BIG background checks. If you believe the information in your report is inaccurate or outdated, you have the right to dispute it.

Why Am I Deactivated for My Background Check in Business Information Group?

BIG may deactivate your account if it encounters discrepancies or concerns during the background check process. Contact BIG for clarification and address any outstanding issues to reactivate your account.

How to Dispute a Business Information Group Rejected Background Check:

BIG is a CRA, and as such, it gathers, sorts, compiles, and reviews data to generate a report. Data furnishers like credit card companies and banks provide background check information to BIG. Your prospective employer takes that information and decides whether to hire you. BIG does not have any bearing on the rejection of your background check, but BIG is accountable for any wrongful information in your background check. If BIG includes errors in your background check, the FCRA gives you the right to dispute the errors. But the rejection lies on the employer and not on BIG.

To Dispute Errors:

Monitor the progress of your background check and look for any errors. Should you find errors, you have a legal right to dispute those errors by:

  • Obtaining your background report: You are entitled by law to review any background check report run on you. If a copy isn’t supplied automatically, request one.
  • Identifying the reason: If you’ve been rejected based on information in your background report, you have the right to know the specific reason.
  • Identifying inaccuracies: thoroughly review the report for inaccurate, misleading, false, or unreportable information.
  • Gathering documents and other evidence: Look for documents that support your dispute, such as financial, legal, and loan documents, contracts, transcripts, leases, etc. 
  • Submitting your dispute (preferably via certified mail to preserve your legal rights.)
  • Contacting a consumer protection lawyer: this is often a good starting point, but it’s not too late to do this even if you’ve begun the dispute process

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

You should promptly dispute the rejected background check if the information is inaccurate. A wrongful rejection can unfairly hinder your employment opportunities and impact your livelihood. By asserting your rights and providing evidence, you can potentially overturn the decision and secure the position you applied for. However, the law doesn’t require your prospective employer to hire you, even after the errors are corrected. But the law does let you hold BIG accountable for your loss.

The Chances of Business Information Group's Decision Reversed

Background checks vary depending on the job and what the company is requesting. BIG offers a variety of customizable options for employers to choose from. Still, it is the employer's discretion as to what to do with the information found in the background check. Therefore, since BIG isn't the decision-maker, the employer's decision is the one in question. If an employer reverses a hiring decision once the reporting errors are corrected, it is solely incumbent upon the employer and not BIG. What BIG is accountable for under the law is the harm it caused you by reporting inaccurate information. 

Who Can Help You with Disputing?

If you need help disputing your BIG background check, consider seeking professional assistance from Consumer Attorneys. Consumer Attorneys can help guide you through the dispute process and ensure your rights are protected. We focus on advocating for you and have experience in background check disputes, so we can help you throughout the entire process, from discovering the errors to filing a lawsuit and getting compensation. 

You're not alone in navigating the sometimes complex world of BIG background checks. You can overcome setbacks and secure future opportunities by understanding your rights, taking proactive steps, and filing a Business Information Group lawsuit.

Lawsuits against BIG

Sometimes, contacting background check companies to fix their mistakes doesn't work, and you must take additional steps to get the strikes off your record. We’re highlighting a case in which our client didn’t cave when she found herself fighting BIG over inaccurate background check information. She reached out to us for help, and you can too!

Inaccurate Criminal History

Our client, Wonetah, excitedly accepted a job offer contingent on a crucial background check by BIG. Despite her enthusiasm for a new chapter, her joy turned to disappointment when she learned that inaccuracies in the background check had cost her the job. The check falsely labeled her as "Guilty" of a felony that had been reversed, remanded, and ultimately dismissed. This led to a missed job opportunity and unfairly accused her of a crime she did not commit.

The impact of the error was so profound that Wonetah experienced mental stress, panic attacks, and financial strain. Unable to bear it, Wonetah sought assistance from Consumer Attorneys. We fought for Wonetah's rights and secured a significant settlement. If you've faced similar challenges with BIG, don't hesitate to reclaim your life!

Explore Your Solutions

In scenarios like yours, every client is unique. Recognizing the need for personalized solutions, we understand that addressing Business Information Group (BIG) background check errors requires an individualized approach.

As a nationwide firm, we can help no matter where you are. You won't face any out-of-pocket costs, and our skilled attorneys are ready to advocate for your case! Contact us at [email protected], complete the online intake form, or engage in a live chat through our website's virtual chat feature.


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