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Have Equifax Background Check Mistakes Trapped You? Free Yourself by Contacting Consumer Attorneys!

If your Equifax background check is wrong, all hope is not lost! Learn how a credit reporting lawyer can guide you through the error-disputing process and file a lawsuit. Consumer Attorneys help empower you to hold Equifax accountable for errors! Embrace the life you deserve, free from the constraints of Equifax background check errors.

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Imagine enjoying your day, and you get notified that your Equifax credit report has a new item. Out of curiosity, you open your device and investigate, only to discover that the new item is an error and has caused your credit score to drop significantly. You remember that your Equifax score is being evaluated by an auto dealership where you've applied for financing to purchase a new vehicle. Bummer, right? That's precisely what many consumers experience daily with Equifax and other Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).

Equally concerning is that Equifax provides Equifax background screening services that are often inaccurate. Equifax errors can cost you a new ride and, even more devastating, your livelihood if you are denied a job due to erroneous information contained in your Equifax background story! 

You may be asking what you can do if you find yourself on the losing end because of Equifax's inaccuracies, and we will explain that to you. We'll also cover who you can contact if faced with Equifax background check discrepancies. In other words, if you're facing issues because of an Equifax background check, take a deep breath because- help is here!

About Equifax Company

Equifax, along with TransUnion and Experian, stand tall as the three major credit bureaus. Equifax is a well-known consumer reporting agency (CRA) that offers credit reporting and background check services. A consumer reporting agency collects your information from data furnishers like credit card companies and banks. After collecting your information, Equifax and other CRAs provide that information to lenders and requesters if they inquire about your credit background. 

Many employers like to utilize Equifax for their employee verification services. Equifax verifies education history, incarceration records, and income and employment. Equifax serves many companies across several different industries and is a key player in the background check world. Understanding their role in the Equifax background check process is essential for those seeking clarity and resolution.

How Does Equifax Conduct Background Checks?

As previously mentioned, Equifax is a CRA and obtains your information from data furnishers like banks, auto lenders, public records, and previous employers. The information that Equifax receives is then put into a background report that is provided to your prospective employer or landlord. After receiving the results, the requester of the background check is then able to determine if they are willing to proceed with you for employment or tenancy.

How Long Does a Background Check from Equifax Take

Equifax background checks usually take 3-5 days. It could take longer, depending on the complexity of the check.

What Information Does Equifax Provide in Their Background Checks?

Equifax background checks offer a detailed examination of your history. They provide an overview, covering aspects of personal, financial, and professional dimensions for a comprehensive understanding of your background.

Here are some of the items in an Equifax Background Check:

  1. Financial background
  2. License and entitlements
  3. Criminal history and identity
  4. Performance History
  5. Qualifications and registration

Depending on what a prospective landlord or employer wants to see, this list can change, so it’s important to ask questions if you’re unsure about an Equifax background check.

Equifax Criminal Background Check

In addition to credit checks and regular background checks, Equifax also assists companies with running an Equifax criminal background check on you. For certain positions (especially those requiring a lot of trust), criminal background checks are common. Equifax has a criminal background check process that speeds up the background check, making it a quicker process for employers. Equifax uses Smart Screen TalentCheck and only requires inputting your social security number. After doing so, sex offender registries and incarceration records populate.

Equifax offers different criminal background check packages and it’s up to your Employer or landlord to determine the one they want to use. Equifax can run an Equifax full criminal background check for landlords and employers. During the criminal background check, Equifax usually pulls: 

  • Sex offender data
  • County jail records
  • State prison records
  • Any other requested data

Again, your employer or the person requesting your background check from Equifax may request additional information depending on their requirements so it’s up to you to ask them about the information that will be pulled. You should also remember that you have rights during the entire process. If you find yourself dealing with a lack of transparency or having to dispute errors, there is help available for you. Consumer Attorneys have helped thousands of people just like you. 

Equifax Background Checks for Rental Property

Equifax evaluates rental history to assist landlords and property management companies make informed decisions. Here's what Equifax will look for during an Equifax tenant background check:

  • Previous bankruptcies
  • Address history
  • Court-ordered evictions
  • Nationwide criminal activity
  • Sex offender status
  • Recent criminal convictions

Typically, background checks for rental property require an extensive search that usually combines both your rental and criminal history in one search. This allows landlords to assess if you would be a high-risk renter or if they should proceed with your rental application. 

Equifax Background Check for Employment

For employment purposes, Equifax conducts background checks to assist employers in making informed hiring decisions. Key aspects of their employment background checks include:

  • Employment History Verification. Equifax verifies your previous employment history.
  • Educational Background. The background check includes verification of your educational credentials, and confirming the qualifications stated in your resume.
  • Criminal Background Check. Similar to criminal background checks for other purposes, Equifax assesses your criminal history relevant to your suitability for employment.

What Are the Consumers’ Rights when Verifying Their Background Check?

Consumers have specific rights under laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when undergoing background checks. You have the right to be informed and consent before an Equifax employment background check is conducted. Consumers can access their background check report, dispute inaccuracies, and receive notices if an adverse action, such as an employment denial, is based on the report. The FCRA ensures transparency, accuracy, and fairness in the background check process, offering consumers avenues to address concerns about the information gathered. Additionally, if you believe there are mistakes in your background check, you have a right to know how to remove hard inquiries from Equifax. Continue reading to learn how to remove errors. 

What Companies Usually Approach Equifax for Background Checks?

Equifax is approached by many companies across different industries and sizes for background checks. These industries may include everything from financial institutions to employers and landlords. These companies use Equifax to assess creditworthiness and other relevant information when deciding on loans, employment, housing, and services.

For what Purpose Do They Apply to Equifax for Background Checks

Companies typically utilize Equifax for background checks, primarily for:

  1. Employment Screening. Many employers use Equifax to assess the suitability of potential hires.
  2. Tenant Screening. Landlords and property management companies rely on Equifax background tenant checks to evaluate prospective rental applicants.
  3. Creditworthiness Assessments. Financial institutions seek Equifax's insights to make informed lending decisions.

Can Errors Occur in Background Checks from Equifax

Yes, unfortunately, errors can occur in background checks from Equifax, just as they can with other consumer reporting agencies.

What Causes Errors in Background Checks

Several factors can play a role in Equifax background check errors, including: 

  1. Incomplete or inaccurate details on your application can impede the Equifax verification process.
  2. Equifax frequently depends on third-party sources, such as courthouses and motor vehicle departments, leading to potential delays.
  3. Lengthy processing times for an Equifax background check may occur in complex cases, such as having lived in multiple states or possessing a criminal record. 

Main Types of Errors

Equifax background check reports may contain inaccuracies such as data from a different consumer, arising from incorrect database entries, or the co-mingling of information from unrelated individuals. Errors may include wrong employers or dates, the inclusion of sealed or expunged criminal records, incomplete information, misleading data presentation, misclassification of offenses, and inaccurate dates that could impact the background check's accuracy. 

These issues, like mixed files and misreported details, are not uncommon in background checks conducted by Equifax. Although not uncommon, these errors can cost you a lot. We advise dealing with errors as soon as you become aware of them.

How Often Do Errors Occur in Background Checks from Equifax

The short answer to how often errors occur in Background checks from Equifax is often. More than you may be aware, Equifax background checks produce errors that can cost you time and money. It’s important to pay attention to background and credit checks and search for any errors right away because the sooner you find errors, the faster you can seek help and dispute them.

What Can Be Affected by Errors in the Background Check

That’s simple- everything! Background check errors are not something to take lightly. Too many people have had to forego employment, housing, and financial services due to Equifax background errors. Inaccuracies do occur in background checks, and they must be dealt with head-on! You shouldn’t leave errors to fix themselves because they never will. Instead, taking the initiative and contacting the proper sources can be the difference between your dream job and putting your life on hold due to Equifax’s mistakes.

You Can Contact Equifax if You Need to Correct an Error in the Background Report

You have the right to dispute your credit report with Equifax if you find any inaccuracies! Contact Equifax directly and follow their dispute process, providing clear documentation to support your claims. We recommend filing a dispute via certified mail to protect your rights. You also have the option to reach out to experienced consumer protection attorneys who can help you correct the errors and also get compensation for your losses.

What to Do if You Do Not Receive Answers to Your Questions on the Background Report

If Equifax doesn't provide satisfactory responses, you have options. You have a legal right to know what’s going on with your background check, including the right to receive a copy of the report at the time the background check is completed. The (FCRA) protects the accuracy and fairness of consumer reports, including background checks. Therefore, Equifax must follow specific procedures to ensure the information it gathers is accurate and used appropriately. However, background check errors and inconsistencies can still occur, highlighting the importance of understanding your rights. If you need a credit reporting lawyer, the lawyers at Consumer Attorneys are ready to assist you!

You Can Sue Equifax if Your Report Contains Errors

Yes. You can sue. We’ve helped people just like you recover damages due to errors found in their Equifax Background Check reports.

Who Can You Contact to Solve the Problem with an Error in the Background Report from Equifax

As you undergo Equifax credit and criminal background checks, the potential for legal complexities arises. If you find errors in your Equifax background report, it's essential to take corrective action promptly. For assistance, you can reach out to consumer protection attorneys. We are experienced in consumer rights and can guide you through the process of rectifying errors in your Equifax background report. Consumer Attorneys takes pride in understanding consumer protection laws and can provide valuable assistance in addressing inaccuracies and advocating for your rights.

Assistance in Disputing Equifax Background Report

Disputing Equifax background check errors promptly is very important. If you don’t know where to start, you can seek assistance from background check attorneys.

Lawsuits against Equifax

Mistakenly Reported as Deceased

David, mistakenly reported by Equifax as deceased, experienced severe consequences, including the loss of vital government benefits. The error affected his medical care and even complicated hospital check-ins. Despite correcting the issue with the hospital’s financial department, David faced ongoing problems, impacting his ability to secure vehicle financing. Through our assistance, he received a cash settlement, allowing him to move forward.

Inaccurate Reporting

Rosa, a mother of three, found herself unjustly denied credit due to a false bankruptcy report on her record during the pandemic. Despite disputing the issue online and through a letter to Equifax, her efforts were in vain. Seeking resolution, Rosa contacted the bankruptcy court, which confirmed her clean record. Undeterred, Rosa wrote another dispute letter to Equifax outlining the facts, but her dispute was dismissed again. Faced with emotional distress, Rosa turned to Consumer Attorneys, where we successfully proved Equifax's violation of the FCRA, securing a significant settlement for her. If you're dealing with similar credit or background reporting challenges, we're here to help you navigate the complexities and fight for justice.

Explore Your Options

In the realm of Equifax USA background checks, uncovering false reporting poses legal challenges that demand careful navigation. It’s life-changing and stressful. But we can help with that! We’ve helped clients just like you get the compensation they deserve. We understand that your case is important so we take time to review the details based on your unique situation. You are not just another number to us! We are a nationwide firm with zero out-of-pocket costs to you, and we have experienced attorneys ready to advocate for you! You can email us at, fill out the online intake form, or chat with us live via our virtual chat feature on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does Equifax Background Check Take?

    The duration of an Equifax background check varies, typically ranging from 3-5 days to receive results. The specific time frame depends on factors such as the complexity and depth of the information sought. Equifax acknowledges the need for thoroughness in compiling accurate reports. The process involves examining various aspects, including criminal history, credit reports, employment verification, and rental history. Several factors can extend the time of the background check. For instance, if you have several addresses, have lived in multiple states, or have different names and aliases, Equifax may take additional time to process your background check

  • What Does Equifax Background Checks Look For?

    Equifax background checks delve deep into your history, rigorously examining criminal records, credit reports, employment verification, and rental history. This thorough scrutiny offers a detailed overview of your financial, personal, and professional details. Employers in industries that demand high trust, such as banking, value Equifax's thorough background checks. Consider roles like bank tellers or accountants where handling sensitive information is paramount; prospective employers appreciate Equifax's meticulous examination to assess your trustworthiness in managing confidential data. This in-depth process ensures a thorough evaluation of positions requiring the utmost reliability and integrity.

  • How Far Back Does Equifax Background Check Go?

    Equifax background checks offer an examination of your history, typically exploring the past seven to ten years for a detailed view of your financial, criminal, and personal activities. It provides valuable insights into various aspects, ensuring a complete understanding. However, state-specific variations exist, with multiple requirements and timeframes influencing the background check process. Each state may have distinct rules governing the depth and scope of these checks; it's important to understand these variations for accurate expectations. If you believe your background check has taken longer than usual, you can reach out to Equifax and ask questions.

  • How To Get Results from Equifax Background Check?

    To obtain results from an Equifax background check, request your report through the Equifax website or contact Equifax directly. By initiating this request, you can access a detailed report outlining your credit history, criminal record, employment details, and other pertinent information. Please remember that Equifax receives information from data furnishers, and the time it will take to receive your report may vary. Nevertheless, you have a legal right to obtain your background check results and to dispute mistakes if your background check is wrong. It’s important to dispute errors as soon as you notice them. 

  • What Does an Equifax Background Check Show?

    An Equifax background check reveals a view of your background. The report includes credit, criminal, employment, and rental history details. It provides valuable insights into your financial, legal, and professional activities. The extent of the Equifax background check will be determined by what your prospective employer has requested, but it typically outlines a good overview of how you manage your affairs. Equifax will take the data contained in your check and provide it to the requester of the check. Once it’s available, you have a right to examine it; if it contains any errors, Consumer Attorneys have your back!

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