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Offering background, drug, health, and other workforce screenings, HireRight is a screening service used by employers during the hiring process.

As a result of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), HireRight is legally required to confirm background checks and other reports issued by them are true, accurate, and up to date.

Dispute mistakes on your HireRight background check

Although you may already be aware, background check and credit report errors are not uncommon. Errors may result from old data, human error, mixed up files, or other factors. When a reporting error occurs, its impact can be significant. If a claim is made that HireRight’s reporting isn’t accurate, they are provided 30 days to research and either confirm their initial reporting or correct the report.

You can dispute errors with HireRight in a number of ways:

  • Visit
  • Call (800)381-0645
  • Write a letter to HireRight at 14002 E. 21st St., Suite 1200, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74134

By hiring Consumer Attorneys, you may be able to avoid the pain of having mistakes on your HireRight background check that result in the loss of job opportunities.

HireRight background check complaints, cases, and lawsuits

Below are two examples of real cases against HireRight:

Johnson, Jasmine V. HireRight.—After being offered a job from a large, local employer, the claimant was called into the human resources department to discuss her recent background report. The report claimed she had received several criminal convictions. In reality, those convictions were for another person. Because of this inaccurate reporting, the claimant was suspended temporarily until the report was fixed.

Cory Bunch v. HireRight.—After being offered a job with Summit Electrical Supply, Bunch had to postpone his start date because his background report inaccurately claimed he had a criminal history. HireRight did not provide the most current information and erroneously reported a misdemeanor as a felony.

If something similar has occurred to you, you may have a case against HireRight. Contact us at (800)604-0466 or complete our online form to receive a free case evaluation.

Sue over HireRight background check errors

Consumer Attorneys has years of experience advocating for consumers’ rights in the face of illegal or inaccurate screenings for years.  We understand your rights and how to fight for them in court.

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