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Errors on Your Sterling Talent Solutions' Background Check

You actively and aggressively searched for a job. You landed the interview, and it went superbly. You waited to hear back only to discover the job position went to someone else. You might have asked yourself, “What could have gone wrong?”

Being bypassed for a job can feel numbing, but how much more numbing would it feel if you discovered the background check performed by Sterling Talent Solutions contained errors that cost you the job? Would you be angry? Would you demand justice? Welcome to Consumer Attorneys!

At Consumer Attorneys, we advocate and become strong legal allies for individuals victimized by background check companies that violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). If you were denied a job, bypassed for a promotion, or experienced a delay getting a job due to damaging and false information from Sterling Talent Solutions’ background check, you may have legal grounds to sue!

At Consumer Attorneys, we fight for clients' rights to receive maximized financial compensations when they have been wronged by inaccurate background check reports or when their disputes with background check companies are handled negligently. Flawed reports can include inaccuracies including criminal histories, credit reports, driving records, drug screening, employment histories, and more.

Did Sterling Talent Solutions Hinder Your Job Position?

Lawsuits can be filed when screening and background reports are riddled with erroneous and damaging information. Sterling Talent Solutions works with a plethora of industries, including education, government, healthcare, retail, gig economy, manufacturing, construction, and utilities.   

Some job seekers discover one or more criminal records on their background check report that shouldn't be listed. Other times, social security numbers are wrong because of someone with a similar or identical name. The types of errors on background check reports abound, with Sterling Talent Solutions going to court over an inaccurate felony charge, false criminal history information, and other cases.

Contact information for Sterling Talent Solutions – ADDRESS:  1 State Street Plaza – New York, NY  10004 ~ PHONE:  800.899.2272 ~

The FCRA has Stringent Standards

You have rights under the FCRA. The FCRA has strict standards for employers and background check companies on how they gain consent for background checks, how they conduct background checks, and what they are permitted to do with the information they uncover.

Do you qualify for a lawsuit?  Be aware of the following:

  • An employer does not have the legal right to obtain a background check without your written consent.  
  • An employer must give a job candidate the name and contact information regarding the background check agency that was used to secure personal information.  
  • Sterling Talent Solutions is not allowed to provide background check information to an employer until the employer certifies that he or she has disclosed to the job candidate that a background check may be initiated.  
  • The FCRA sets boundaries regarding negative information a background check report can contain. This type of report cannot include records pertaining to civil suits, judgments, arrests, paid tax liens, collections, and other negative information after seven years or bankruptcies after 10 years. Criminal convictions, however, can be listed.

If you suspect errors on your background check report, you can dispute the report and Sterling Talent Solutions must investigate and remedy any errors within 30 days. Due to the lawsuit, you may receive not only actual damages but punitive damages, plus attorney's fees and costs.  

Consumer Attorneys serves clients nationwide who are represented in state and federal courts. We'll connect you with one of our seasoned background check lawyers who will assess your situation as part of a free case review. You can also take advantage of a free credit report analysis. We will advise you of your next step forward.

No Upfront Expenses – No Worries!

Many claimants feel they can't afford a lawyer to represent them. We're here to negate that myth. If your case is accepted against Sterling Talent Solutions, you would pay no out-of-pocket fees! Our consumer lawyers receive a fee only if they win on your behalf! You have nothing to lose! If we don't win, you don't pay!

Let Justice Be Served – Contact Our Team!

If Sterling Talent Solutions' errors on your background check report damaged your job prospect or if errors were not rectified after a proper dispute with them, contact Consumer Attorneys immediately! You can connect with our legal team in various ways:

  • Call 1-877-615-1725 for immediate assistance and a free case review.
  • Fill out our brief Contact Us form or initiate a LIVE CHAT – share your concerns.

Reach out to us at with any questions at any time.

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