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10 Jun, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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ClearStar Background Check Errors? Learn How to Fix Them and Claim Compensation!

ClearStar background checks can sometimes contain errors that affect your job prospects. In this article, Consumer Attorneys explains what these background checks include, how mistakes can happen, and the steps you can take to correct them. Learn how to protect your rights and potentially claim compensation for any losses.

ClearStar background checks are provided by ClearStar, a company that began as “Compass,” but turned into ClearStar in 1995. The company provides background screenings and drug screening solutions. 

Even though ClearStar is a top choice among employers for background checks, the company makes mistakes that have cost our clients job opportunities.

If there is some information you have received on a ClearStar background check that you think is incorrect, continue reading. We will explain what’s included in ClearStar background checks, how long they take, what to do if you find errors, and how you can contact a background check attorney for immediate assistance. 

What is Included in a ClearStar Background Check?

A standard ClearStar background check can cover various categories of information including:

  • Federal, state, and county criminal record searches
  • Sex offender registry checks
  • Motor vehicle records searches
  • Employment history verification
  • Education history verification
  • Personal reference verification
  • Professional licenses and credentials verification
  • Industry-specific searches (e.g., FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
  • Credit history checks
  • Civil records searches
  • International searches across 230+ countries
  • FCRA-compliant social media checks

Employers may customize their background checks by selecting specific categories relevant to their needs. They are not required to order a full background check and may choose only those elements that are pertinent to the position.

If you have questions about the type of background check your employer is ordering, you can ask them directly. You will have to give your consent before the screening is conducted so the background check paperwork will likely have the information regarding the type of screening. 

Does a ClearStar Background Check Show Former Employers?

Yes, the employment history verification portion of the ClearStar background check will include all your previous employers along with each company's name, location, previous job titles, and dates of employment. 

Typically, these checks cover many years, though the number of years covered in an employment check can vary. Contacts may include previous supervisors and human resources departments at former companies. If your report has a missing employer or incorrect information about a job, you can request to have it corrected.

The only time a background check may not show former employers is if you were a 1099 worker, also referred to as an independent contractor. Independent contractors are considered self-employed so oftentimes employer checks won’t list company names, but there are still ways for screening companies to find information about your past 1099 work history through reference checks, tax statements, public records, etc.

ClearStar Background Check Time

On average, ClearStar background checks take about 2-5 business days to complete, but like other background check companies, can take longer, especially if the check involves contacting courts, employers, or educational institutions. Usually, identity checks are instant. Whereas employment and education verification can take 1-7 days to complete. Criminal history checks take on average a couple of days to two weeks. Motor vehicle record checks should be completed in 1-7 days. And drug test results usually return quickly around 1-2 business days. These timelines are only estimates and the time it takes a company like ClearStar may vary depending on several factors. For instance, sometimes there are delays due to holidays, weekends, court closures, etc. Also, an applicant with an extensive criminal history, or a lot of addresses could take longer to process. 

Nonetheless, if your report takes longer than two weeks, you should check the status with ClearStar or your potential employer. Delays can happen, but prolonged wait times might also indicate an issue that needs resolving.

What to Do if You Find Errors?

If you find errors in your ClearStar background check, it’s imperative that you act as quickly as possible. Below are some steps you can take to jumpstart the dispute process.

First, contact an attorney right away! An attorney can provide invaluable guidance by answering your questions and helping you with the entire dispute process.

By law, you are entitled to receive a copy of your background check report, and you should request it. Review the report carefully to see exactly what information has been reported.

Next, you should go through the report and highlight any incorrect, outdated, or incomplete information.

After notating the errors, you should initiate a dispute via certified mail immediately! Both ClearStar and the employer will have procedures for disputing errors. When disputing you will need to write a letter detailing the inaccuracies and include supporting documents to prove your case. 

Finally, mail the dispute letter to ClearStar and wait 30 days for the company to investigate. After 30 days, you should receive a response regarding if the errors will be deleted.

Correcting these mistakes promptly can prevent potential damage to your job prospects. If for some reason ClearStar background screening services will not delete the errors, you should contact Consumer Attorneys for next steps.

Who Should You Contact?

To rectify errors in your ClearStar background check, you should contact the following:

An attorney

consumer protection attorney can help you dispute errors and have them removed. The dispute process can be time-consuming and requires you to draft dispute letters that include documentation of the errors along with the reasons why the errors should be removed. You’ll have to be sure to file this within a specified time frame and to also follow up when needed. 

Along with disputing errors, sometimes you will end up having to file a lawsuit against the background check company for the harm the errors caused you. If you lost a job opportunity and suffered any type of harm, as most people do, you will have a right to ask for money for the harm you’ve suffered. An attorney can help you negotiate a settlement with the background check company and file a lawsuit for you if the company refuses to settle out of court. An attorney’s experience and skills are priceless when defending you against large background check companies. Choosing a firm – like Consumer Attorneys, with a record of winning cases for clients is critical! 


Inform ClearStar of your dispute by certified mail. Certified mail requires you to waive less rights than filing a dispute online. Sometimes filing disputes online requires you to waive important rights that can help you later in the dispute process which is why we suggest certified mail. Once you file the dispute via mail, ClearStar will have 30 days to investigate the dispute.


Contact your prospective employer’s HR manager. When contacting HR, explain the mistakes you found in your background report and the steps you are taking to correct them. Sometimes employers will not change their decision and they are not obligated to do so since they made the hiring decision in good faith based on the information provided to them by the background check company. 

Even though they may not change their hiring decision, it is still a good idea to communicate openly and honestly with the company because doing so shows your professionalism and your willingness to fix the issue while also being forthright. 


After finding errors or any other unethical behavior by the background screening company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC is very clear regarding compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and can intervene if there are violations.

Correcting background check errors is essential because incorrect information can jeopardize your job prospects. But there is hope! By following the proper steps and contacting the right people, you can challenge and correct inaccuracies in your report.


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