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11 Jun, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Wells Fargo Disqualified You Because of Background Check Errors! What Now? Learn How Our Lawyers Can Help You Recover!

Wells Fargo background check disqualifiers can be frustrating, especially when errors arise. Consumer Attorneys outlines common disqualifiers, steps to dispute inaccuracies, key contacts, and how our legal team can assist you. Discover how to address these issues and secure your job prospects. Read on for more information!

If you’re interested in applying for a position with Wells Fargo, you’ll likely be required to submit to a background check. When agreeing to a Wells Fargo screening, you should be aware that sometimes the results of the Wells Fargo background check may disqualify you based on unfavorable information contained in the background report. The background check company does not determine if you are eligible for employment. It reports information to your prospective employer and the employer decides to either hire you or not.

Other times, applicants may be denied employment because of mistakes or negative entries that appear on their reports. 

If you suspect that you have been disqualified from a Wells Fargo job due to background check errors, you have a legal right to challenge the errors and have them removed. You can start the dispute process by contacting consumer protection attorneys for assistance. 

This article will discuss common Wells Fargo background check disqualifiers, and what you should do when you discover mistakes contained in your report.

Wells Fargo Background Check Disqualifying Factors

Wells Fargo may reject a job candidate based on their background check for several reasons. Some common disqualifying factors include:

  • Felony criminal convictions, specifically violent crimes
  • Misdemeanor criminal convictions arising from crimes of dishonesty or those that breach trust
  • Felony or misdemeanor charges that are pending for the crimes mentioned above 
  • Being in debt or filing for bankruptcy 
  • Failure of an initial drug test
  • Misconduct or fraudulent behavior that is related to a previous job

All of these are common disqualifiers but do not necessarily mean that you will not be eligible for employment at Wells Fargo. These are examples of what some applicants have reported as disqualifiers in the past and can change and vary based on the position. 

What is Included in Wells Fargo Background checks?

Wells Fargo has very strict rules for hiring new employees and they do thorough background checks. One of the major screening tools used during the hiring process at Wells Fargo is criminal background checks. Along with criminal checks, the company may use other screenings as well.

Some of the background checks you may encounter when applying for a job at Wells Fargo include the following. 

Wells Fargo Background Components

Credit History ReportAssesses the candidate's financial responsibility and credit history.
Drug TestTests for the presence of illegal substances to ensure a drug-free workplace.
Educational Background VerificationChecks the authenticity of the candidate's academic qualifications and certifications.
Employment History VerificationEnsures that the candidate's past job experiences and roles are accurate.
Federal Criminal Record SearchLooks for any criminal records in the federal system.
Global Sanctions and Watch ListScreens for the candidate's presence on international sanctions and terrorist watch lists.
Identity Verification & SSN TraceConfirms the candidate's identity and traces the Social Security Number for authenticity.
Local and County Criminal SearchesInvestigates criminal records at local and county levels.
Motor Vehicle and Driving HistoryReviews the candidate's driving record and any related infractions.
Sex Offender Registry CheckReviews sex offender lists to determine if applicants have been convicted of this crime.

Who to Contact if You Discover Background Check Errors?

If you discover background check errors, contact a lawyer right away. An attorney can help you throughout the dispute process. You can also contact Wells Fargo and the background check company to report the errors. 

Wells Fargo will likely not be able to do much about the errors since they came directly from the background check company’s report. However, you should contact the background check company and request a full copy of your report. By law, they must provide you with a copy when you request it. Once you review it and locate the errors, you can request that the errors be removed by disputing them.

When disputing errors, you’ll have to do so in writing. We highly suggest disputing via certified mail since disputing online often requires you to waive important rights. After disputing the errors, the background check company will have 30 days to investigate and remove the errors.

In addition to contacting the screening company, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FCRA gives consumers background check rights. Along with the right to dispute the errors, you have a legal right to report the errors to the FTC.  

After investigating your disputes, the background screening company may refuse to remove the errors. If you haven’t already done so, this would be a good time to seek legal guidance from a background check lawyer.


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