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7 May, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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If Your Grubhub Account was Deactivated, Contact Background Check Lawyers Today to Explore Your Options!

Having your Grubhub account deactivated is costly. Don’t let someone else’s mistake ruin your life! We discuss what to do if you are faced with Grubhub account deactivation, how to start the appeals process, and who to contact if background check errors caused your account to be terminated.

For some people, Grubhub is a guilty pleasure after work and on the weekends or maybe when they’re just plain tired of cooking. But for others, Grubhub is so much more than that- it’s a career and how they earn a living! In fact, if you work for Grubhub, you may even rely on your Grubhub driver account to take care of your family. When your financial well-being, career pursuits, and family’s welfare are on the line, receiving a message that your account is deactivated, isn’t just upsetting- it’s devastating!

We walk you through some of the reasons why a Grubhub account can get deactivated, what you can do to get it reactivated, and our contact information so you can contact one of our consumer protection attorneys. Our lawyers have experience filing lawsuits for clients against the background check companies hired by Grubhub!

Why Was My Grubhub Driver Account Deactivated?

 Your Grubhub account could have been deactivated for not having the right identification or something more serious like a policy violation. Below are some reasons why Grubhub deactivates driver accounts:

  • Failure to meet requirements: If you do not maintain the proper identification, registration or insurance documents required by Grubhub, you can face account deactivation. 
  • No activity: If you do not use your work app for a certain amount of time, Grubhub will deactivate your account (usually after 60-days).
  • Violating policies: Participating in any activity that violates Grubhub account and company policy will result in account deactivation. If you lie about your location or the progress of deliveries, refuse to take drop-off photos, or falsify information about the closure of restaurants, you are at risk of violating policy. Grubhub’s terms of service are violated whenever its platform is misused which can result in account deactivation. 
  • Three or more violations in 90-days: If you get three violations within a 3-month period Grubhub will deactivate your account.
  • Breaching a contract: Grubhub takes all violations seriously, especially those that breach contracts including illegal activities such as fraud, risking the safety of Grubhub customers, and anything else that would cause Grubhub’s business operations to be compromised. 
  • Limited availability: In some markets, Grubhub may deactivate or limit your ability to make deliveries because there aren’t enough available opportunities in the area.
  • Failing a background screening: Grubhub provides a platform for customers to purchase food but uses outside companies to conduct background checks. If you fail a background check Grubhub will deactivate your account. Violations will expire and are removed from driver accounts after 90 days.

If you’ve worked for Grubhub as a driver and failed a background check, it may not be your fault. Sometimes background check companies used by Grubhub make mistakes that lead to deactivation. Keep reading to learn your rights and who to contact if you want to dispute background check errors contained in your Grubhub background report.

How Long Does it Take to Reactivate a Grubhub Account?

The time to reactivate your Grubhub driver account can vary. Typically the process of reactivation can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months. 

What Can I Do if My Grubhub Account Was Deactivated?

You have options if your Grubhub account was deactivated. If you want to continue working for Grubhub you can appeal their decision, but if you have other concerns like errors contained in a background check, then you will need to take a different route.

Appeal deactivation 

If you want to continue working and hope to reactivate your Grubhub account, you will need to go through the process of appealing the deactivation by submitting this form, answering all of Grubhub’s questions, and providing supporting documents for your appeal.

The amount of time you have to appeal depends on the market and the appeals form should be submitted immediately after deactivation.

Contact Grubhub

If you appeal the deactivation and need more information, you can contact Grubhub through the driver app. Grubhub has information for doing so on their website. If you are unsuccessful through the app, find Grubhub’s Corporate Care information below.

Grubhub Corporate Care

[email protected]


Contact a Consumer Protection Attorney

If you’ve appealed deactivation and contacted Grubhub but still haven’t received the assistance you need, contact our firm and one of our background check lawyer will assist you with your concerns and help you determine the best next step.


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