How to Sue Equifax for an Ignored Credit Report Dispute

  • How to Sue Equifax for an Ignored Credit Report Dispute
07 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Learn How to Sue Equifax for Credit Report Errors. Regain Control Over Your Credit and Your Life!

Equifax errors impacting your financial future? Our credit report attorneys guide you through the process of correcting inaccuracies, filing disputes, and seeking compensation. Check out our article to learn when and how to sue Equifax and how you can take control of your credit today with Consumer Attorneys by your side!

If you are in a situation where you believe Equifax has violated your rights, you may find yourself researching the following: How do I sue Equifax? If you are questioning how to file a lawsuit against Equifax, you’ve come to the right place! 

If you have disputed errors on your Equifax credit report, but Equifax failed to correct proven mistakes, you may have grounds to sue Equifax. Everyone who sues Equifax due to errors in their Equifax credit report or Equifax background check can do so according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Additionally, if you find out your report is flagged as Equifax deceased, or have inaccuracies on Equifax rental history reports, you may also have a claim against Equifax.

This article will provide an overview of key laws that protect your rights as a consumer, typical violations committed by credit agencies, and whether you need to hire consumer protection attorneys to successfully hold Equifax accountable.

What Does an Equifax Credit Report Include?

Equifax credit reports include your personal information as well as an analysis of your financial history, including your credit accounts, payment history, and inquiries. In addition to your credit accounts, Equifax will also include the dates each of your accounts were opened, their limits, and your account balances.

Is There an Error on Your Equifax Credit Report?

There may be an error or inaccuracy on your Equifax credit report if you notice:

  • Incorrect account statuses
  • Late payments that were actually paid on time
  • Inaccurate account balances
  • Misspelled names or outdated addresses
  • Fraudulent activity

Equifax Credit Report Mistake Disputes

Considering what we’ve mentioned above, you may have more questions and concerns, such as, I want to sue Equifax, but can someone sue Equifax, and if so, who will I contact to sue Equifax? The answer is YES you can sue Equifax! Please rest in knowing that the law allows you to do so under certain circumstances.

How to File an Equifax Dispute?

How can I sue Equifax and dispute errors? If there is a mistake on your Equifax credit report, you can dispute it by:

  1. Reviewing your credit report in detail, noting even minor mistakes
  2. Gathering evidence related to the error
  3. Writing a dispute letter to Equifax explaining the error
  4. Including copies of any evidence, and the marked-up report, with the dispute letter
  5. Sending the letter to Equifax via certified mail. This preserves the right to sue, which can be waived by using the online dispute platform.
  6. If you haven’t already done so, contact a consumer protection attorney. Please keep reading to learn how to sue Equifax.

Equifax Credit Report Dispute - How Long Does it Take?

If you’ve ever asked this question, you are not alone-I want to sue Equifax, but how long will it take? Equifax has 30 days to investigate the error and send a notification that the error has been fixed or updated. In some instances, they may have slightly longer, but if you haven’t heard anything in 30 days, contact us.

Sue Equifax for Errors and Unsettled Disputes

The FCRA establishes legally binding procedures that credit bureaus like Equifax must follow when consumers dispute errors on their credit reports. If they don't comply with the law, they can be held liable in court. Be sure to check out what you will need to do to file a dispute (mentioned above).

Sue for Disputed Errors

If you have filed a dispute but Equifax has not fixed the error or sent dispute results within 30 days, you may be able to sue Equifax for violating the FCRA. Contact an FCRA lawyer to seek a fair resolution.

In doing so, you may also have other questions that can be directed at an attorney if you don’t plan on giving up your right to sue Equifax. We list some of our clients’ questions (below). 

Sue Equifax for Errors Even Without a Dispute

You can sue Equifax for careless or egregious credit reporting practices related to errors on your report, even if you haven't disputed them. For example, if Equifax reports you as deceased, this failure to maintain reasonable procedures to ensure maximum accuracy as required by the FCRA is considered harmful just for having occurred.

Sue Equifax for Identity Theft- Related Errors

If there are accounts on your Equifax report opened fraudulently in your name without your authorization, like in cases of identity theft, and Equifax continues to report those erroneous reports after learning of the criminal activity, you may be able to sue Equifax.

Should You Sue Equifax in Small Claims Court?

Due to the large Equifax data breach many people decided to sue. And years later, you may be overwhelmed by the unknowns about bringing a lawsuit, considering questions like can we sue Equifax? If not, why can’t I sue Equifax? How much can I sue Equifax for? Do I have to go to court if I sue Equifax? How do I sue Equifax in a class action lawsuit? You are not alone! 

Some years ago, many people found themselves caught between suing Equifax or entering into a class action lawsuit settlement over a huge security breach error that leaked their information. Some people opted for suing in small claims court. If you are curious about how to sue Equifax in small claims court, you should be aware that small claims courts have specific rules and requirements before you can bring a case. There are also caps on the amount of money you can sue for, and you may be undervaluing your claim. Please reach out to Consumer Attorneys today so we can assess your unique situation.

Can I Sue Equifax?

Absolutely! If Equifax has violated your rights under the FCRA, you can sue them.

Another important question you may have - "Can I sue Equifax for wrong information". Yes, you can! In fact, there are a number of reasons why you can sue Equifax, including for security breaches, you can sue Equifax for a mixed file, including wrong information in your report, misleading information, not correcting errors, failing to remove errors, and any other harm that you have suffered due to Equifax’s actions or inaction.

Should I Sue Equifax with a Chatbot?

No. While chatbots can be informative and may be able to “draft” a document or two, without an attorney, you won’t know if anything that a chatbot produces is accurate. In addition, suing Equifax through a chatbot isn't possible since “suing” Equifax requires communications, negotiations, court appearances, arguing on your behalf, doing legal research, and tailoring correspondence with Equifax and the court for your specific situation. 

Do I Need an Attorney to Sue Equifax?

You have the right to sue Equifax without an attorney, but we recommend contacting an FCRA lawyer experienced in handling cases against Equifax. Don't go it alone! Consider consulting a lawyer with experience handling FCRA cases against Equifax.

How much can I Sue Equifax for?

Every case is unique. The amount you sue Equifax for depends on several factors including the amount of harm you’ve endured along with how long you’ve suffered, and more! In order to determine if you have a viable case, you should contact a law firm with a track record of suing Equifax and winning, like Consumer Attorneys!

Equifax Contact Information

You can dispute a credit report with Equifax or request information regarding how to remove hard inquiries from Equifax by using the information below.

Equifax Disputes Address:

Equifax Information Services LLC

P.O. Box 740256

Atlanta, GA 30374

Lawsuits against Equifax

In many instances, clients faced inaccuracies on their credit reports, leaving them with no choice but to sue Equifax. Errors like being incorrectly flagged as deceased, having an active account reported as closed, and even Equifax background checks that are erroneous can significantly impact one's financial future. Check out some of those cases below.

Florida case

David, mistakenly reported as deceased, experienced severe consequences, including the loss of vital government benefits. The error affected his medical care and even complicated hospital check-ins. Despite correcting the issue with the financial department, David faced ongoing problems, impacting his ability to secure vehicle financing. Through our assistance, he received a cash settlement, allowing him to move forward.

Colorado case

Jerald and his wife's dream of homeownership was shattered when an account error, reported as closed, caused a significant drop in Jerald's credit score. Equifax's failure to comply with the FCRA jeopardized Jerald’s mortgage approval, leading to a terminated home contract. Despite numerous challenges, we helped Jerald secure a substantial settlement, offering hope for realizing their dream of home ownership.

If Equifax fails to correct serious mistakes on your credit report or violates your rights under the FCRA, you may need to enforce your rights by filing a lawsuit.

We Can Help!

If you are wondering how to find attorneys to sue Equifax, look no further! Contact Consumer Attorneys. We’ve helped clients win lawsuits against Equifax as well as the other credit bureaus and we are confident we can help you as well. Contact us at, via our LIVE online chat feature, and also via phone 1-877-615-1725. We want to speak with you.


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