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22 Apr, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Uncover the ins and outs of Lyft background checks! Whether you're thinking of applying or you're a seasoned driver, know what to expect from the process and what your rights are if things go wrong. At Consumer Attorneys, we help ensure a smooth ride to your desired destination.

If you’re thinking about driving for Lyft, you may be wondering, “What does Lyft look for in a background check.” Lyft performs background checks on all driver applicants to help ensure passengers’ safety. Lyft’s background check is thorough and reviews criminal history, driving records, and more!

We will examine what Lyft looks for in their background checks and what you should do if you find errors contained in your credit report caused by a Lyft background check.

Understanding Lyft's Background Check

If you decide to drive for Lyft, you can expect to undergo a background check that will examine the following:

  • Criminal history. Lyft checks federal and also local records for any convictions, pending charges, registered sex offenses, acts of terrorism, and instances of fraud. Any convictions related to physical harm, sexual offenses, theft, property damage, acts of terror, and also felonies within the last seven years will generally disqualify applicants. You should research Lyft’s requirements for more details.
  • Motor vehicle (driving records). Lyft checks DMV records across all fifty states for major violations within the last seven years. This includes DUIs, hit and runs, reckless driving infractions, excessive speeding, and driving with a suspended or revoked license. Too many minor violations may disqualify applicants, but it’s a case-by-case basis.
  • Meet age requirements. You should be aware that to drive for Lyft, you need to meet certain requirements in addition to having a clean criminal and driving record. Some of the additional requirements that must be met to drive for Lyft include meeting the minimum age required, which is between 21 and 25 years old, depending on the region you live in. Also, you will need to have a valid driver’s license and at least one year of licensed driving experience, which also depends on the region where you live.

What Does Lyft Check in Your Background?

What Lyft will check on your background check depends on the requirements of the position. If you are a driver for Lyft, the background check Lyft will conduct may be slightly different than if you work in human resources or some other non-driving position. That’s because someone working in human resources will not need to operate a motor vehicle as part of their job expectations, which means a driving record is not necessary.

By contrast, if you want to drive for Lyft, you should be aware that the requirements for the type of background checks conducted on you may be completely different from someone in a role that doesn’t require driving. The reason for this is that when you are driving most of the day, it is imperative that you have a clean driving record and will adhere to Lyft’s safety standards to protect their customers and also not tarnish their brand. However, a criminal background check is likely still required whether you drive or work at Lyft in some other capacity.

It’s reasonable that Lyft would want to conduct background checks on you before your employment with the company. However, what is not reasonable is if you find an employment background check error after Lyft runs a background check on you. If you do find errors on your report after Lyft runs a background check, the law provides you with the right to protect your credit profile and pursue the dispute process.

Criminal Record

The criminal background check is part of Lyft’s requirements for employment and can take several weeks to process. Lyft will require information from you to conduct a criminal background check, including a valid social security number, which is then run by a third-party company called Checkr, Inc. If you need to check the status of your background check, you can do so by logging into the Checkr applicant portal.

Lyft reviews your background results to determine if they will extend employment to you. Lyft will check several records and may find that you are not eligible to work as a driver for them if your background check reveals any of the following convictions:

  • A disqualifying violent crime (examples of these include homicide, human trafficking, and burglary). Be sure to check Lyft’s website for an extensive list.
  • Sexual offenses (examples include sexual assault, child pornography, and rape)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Disqualifying drug-related offenses
  • Acts of terror
  • Disqualifying fraud-related offenses
  • Any theft or property-related damage offense that Lyft considers to be disqualifying

Please note that the typical time frame for these offenses is usually seven years, however, these can vary based on your region and the laws in your state. It’s important to do your due diligence and check and research these as it pertains to your specific case. Lyft will require that you maintain an up-to-date background check at all times on their platform, and they will conduct continuous criminal and driving records monitoring if you continue driving for them.

DMV Verification

If you are questioning what does a Lyft background check look for, you are not alone. What’s an even more unnerving question is what Lyft looks for in their DMV verification process. When Lyft examines DMV (driving) records, they do so through a third-party company called Safety Holdings Inc. and engage in continuous monitoring, which means if you get any new violations while already employed by Lyft, you can be disqualified from being a driver, depending on what the offense is.

Lyft has safety requirements that must be met before you can drive for Lyft. You need a valid driver's license, valid plates with current registration (Lyft accepts commercial plates), and a valid and current insurance policy with your name on the policy and at least one year of licensed driving experience (varies by state).

Lyft’s safety requirements are in place to make sure there are no current license suspensions or violations that would prevent you from driving. Also, Lyft may disqualify you if your driving record reveals the following:

  • A DUI or other drug-related violation while driving in the past seven years (the time frame may vary depending on what state you live in)
  • Four or more moving violations within the past three years (the example Lyft uses is accidents or traffic light violations)
  • A major moving violation in the past three years (Lyft mentions a suspended license or reckless driving as examples)
  • A major driving-related conviction within the past seven years (this would include a felony involving a vehicle or a hit and run)

The above requirements are shared by Lyft with the public. If you have more specific questions that are tailored toward what Lyft checks in a background check, you should reach out to Lyft directly with those concerns.

How May We Assist You?

If you have any questions about Lyft's background check process and have noticed errors on your credit report, do not stall, contact consumer protection attorneys right away! Whenever you find errors on your report, it’s important to dispute the errors immediately because there are time delays and procedures you must follow in order to submit your dispute on time and within the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Nonetheless, no matter where you are in your background check dispute process, Consumer Attorneys is ready and willing to help you file a lawsuit and seek compensation. You can contact us several ways. 

Call us at 1-877-615-1725, email us at [email protected], or talk to us on our website through our LIVE chat feature. We will not charge you for an evaluation, so you can rest easy knowing we’re available 24/7 and will charge no fees unless we help you win a case against the companies that provided Lyft with the incorrect background check information. Call us today to receive your free case evaluation!


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