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10 May, 2024
Daniel Cohen
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Background checks are crucial for Gopuff. But errors in those checks can get you deactivated. We can help!

Gopuff needs to ensure its drivers are safe and reliable. So it engages a background check company called Checkr to run background checks. Checkr’s background check reports are not always accurate. If you have been deactivated by Gopuff, let us know. We know Checkr, and we know how to hold it accountable for errors in its background checks.

As consumer protection attorneys, we understand how frustrating, confusing, and life-changing the loss of opportunity can be. We have represented thousands of people with employment background check problems and seen the devastating effects it can have on a person’s family, mental health, reputation, emotional well-being, and overall financial situation. 

This article provides an overview of deactivation for one employer upon which many rely for income - Gopuff. Deactivation of your Gopuff account can happen for many reasons. Deactivation results from a background check issue - especially if the background check report has an error or inaccuracy in it - Consumer Attorneys may be able to help you. 

When you say, “Gopuff deactivated my account,” know you are not alone. We explain how we can help you dispute the findings and potentially reactivate your Gopuff driver account. 

Your Gopuff Account

Gopuff is a popular delivery service. Gopuff drivers earn money by delivering everyday essentials directly to people’s doors. When you sign up to be a Gopuff driver, the company conducts a background check to ensure all drivers meet their safety and reliability standards. This is a standard practice to protect Gopuff customers, the community, and Gopuff the company.

Reasons for Deactivation

There are several reasons why Gopuff might deactivate an account. The most common is related to the findings of an employment background check. Gopuff will run a background check when a driver starts driving for them and periodically during that driver’s tenure. 

Gopuff uses a third-party company called Checkr to run its background checks. If the background check uncovers issues such as a criminal record, a history of traffic violations, or other red flags, Gopuff may deactivate your account. 

It's important to remember that sometimes, a Gopuff account deactivated is deactivated because these background checks can contain errors or outdated information that might unfairly affect your eligibility to work with Gopuff. Common issues include:

  • Mistaken identity.
  • Incorrect criminal records.
  • Old convictions that should no longer be reported.
  • Minor violations are misreported as more serious offenses.

How to Dispute the Deactivation

If you believe your Gopuff account was unfairly deactivated due to incorrect or outdated information in your background check, you have the right to dispute it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you can do:

  • Request a Copy of Your Background Check. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you are entitled to a free copy of your background check if it has been used against you in any adverse manner, such as account deactivation. Contact Checkr, the background check provider used by Gopuff, to request this report.
  • Review the Report for Errors. Check the report carefully for any inaccuracies or outdated information. Pay special attention to personal details, criminal record information, and other sections that could have impacted the decision to deactivate your account.
  • Contact Consumer Attorneys. As attorneys for consumers, we know the state and federal laws that apply, how to help you, what your next steps should be to preserve your rights, and how to support you through the process. 
  • File a Dispute. You can file a dispute with the background check company if you find any errors. Provide them with any evidence you have that supports your claim. The background check company is required by law to investigate your dispute within 30 days.
  • Follow Up. After you file your dispute, Checkr must investigate. If they don’t, Consumer Attorneys will be ready. If they do investigate and fix the error, take the new background check report to Gopuff, and you may get hired!

Contact Us

If your Gopuff account has been deactivated due to issues with your background check, remember that you have options. Contact us, and we will help you identify those options and help you pursue the best option, including an opportunity to reactivate your Gopuff driver account. 

We want to get you back to work. We want to clear your name. We want background check companies like Checkr to do their job, and when they don’t, we want to hold them accountable and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Call us at 1-877-615-1725. Email us at [email protected]. Visit our website and talk with a representative online or fill out a contact form. No matter how you get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you get your Gopuff account reactivated. 


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